Roger Moore RIP and a truly obscure link with Roaddave

This will take some ‘splainin.  Roger Moore passed away today.  More correctly, Sir Roger George Moore, KBE, at the age of 89 after a short illness.  Best known as James Bond, following Sean Connery’s term as 007, Roger Moore was also known as The Saint.  Why this matters will become clearer as we go.

In 1977, I got my first job in radio, on-air,  at a joint up the line called CKOB in Renfrew, Ontario.  Two hundred and fifty booming watts of power and about as barebones a place as you could imagine.  They hired me on a Tuesday in November, still in second-year of college and I took the job, starting on the next Monday, as their mid-day announcer-operator, news reader, commercial producer and what ever the hell else the boss wanted me to do.   Why?  Call letters after your name was the idea.  Get hired, then work your way up in the industry.

In talking with other colleagues in the Radio-Television Arts course, I knew I didn’t want to use my real name on the air, for two reasons:  One, so one could hide in plain sight, in a small town.  Two, if I mightily screwed up my first on-air job, I could always disappear, dropping my faux on-air name and applying for other jobs at other stations.  (An air name is very common in the business)

We hashed a few names back and forth and soon tired of coming up with an on-air handle.  A few hours later, we were talking about old television shows and one that came up was The Saint with Roger Moore.  Moore was already known as 007, but we looked at the obscure references first.

There was a moment of clarity.  David Moore.  Two sharp syllables.  Easy to spell, easy to pronounce.  If someone called out “David!” I’d answer, even if the last name wasn’t mine, it at least might give me a cloak of near-invisibility.  Done.  David Moore.

Through my on-air career and even into television days, I was David Moore (nee Smith).  There are various credits I have (several hundred commercials, many industrial and training films and interactive media) that have David Moore as a credit. I still have some around somewhere in my archives of old commercials and films I wrote, produced or directed.

All thanks to Sir Roger George Moore, KBE.  May he rest in peace.  With thanks for my last name on-air back in the day.

Racism on the 98 bus

Yesterday was a good day in some ways and a horrid day in other ways.  We take the bus to and from work, the red and white limousine, the OC, whatever you call it.  Coming home, on the crowded 98 Hawthorne, two mid-20 individuals, a little straggly and streety, decided that mouthing off was going to be their entertainment for the day, two seats from me.

Their target?  Two young women in hijabs, the traditional Muslim head scarf, not the face covering (niqab) just the usual head scarf.  In Ottawa, seeing a woman in a hijab is no more rare than it being Thursday.

The 20-somethings, one male, one female, decided that telling the young women to fuck off and go back where they came from was just the warm up act.  Not everyone heard the two dimwits right away, so they yelled louder, the male dimwit then deciding that smashing his fist repeatedly into the glass window would garner more attention.  More vile accusations, you’re terrorists, you ever kill someone, go back to your fucking country.  You know the rant as well as I do.  A vile, hateful, unintelligent outburst of seat kicking, window punching, swearing and standing up, threatening the two young women.

Through a little bit of maneuvering, a couple of young folks got their cameras rolling, some taking video, some taking pictures.  Others decided that the behavior was no longer just fun and games and called out for the aggressors to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.  A couple of folks, one I know well, who’s a six footer and looks like he should not be trifled with, stood next to their seat.  A couple of other people joined in, creating a wall, keeping the aggressors away from the two girls, and advising the aggressors again to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, a little louder this time.

One youngish woman was sent forward to alert the bus driver, another was on the phone to 911, getting the police rolling.  More window smacking, more ranting, now from both of them, the female dimwit being even more hateful, with comments of you’re a Muslim cunt who just wants to fuck Indians, fucking terrorist killer, get out of Canada and so on.  Then the female dimwit took a punch at one of the young women, connecting, but just barely.  The wall of humans shifted, going in closer to the dimwits.

The young women and another mid-20’s Muslim woman, moved away from their aggressors, the wall of people shifting to create a formidable barrier of humans between the two.  A fist was swung, nailing the female dimwit, who went ballistic, trying to claw her way out of the seat, but blocked by a few largish men.  Knowing their game was up, the dimwits climbed over the seats and pushed their way to the nearest exit door, him feeling obligated to smack the glass repeatedly until it broke.

The bus stopped at Laurier and Cumberland, the doors not opening right away.  A lot of people wanted off, now, not wanting to be anywhere near the situation, understandably so, but the dimwits kept punching the glass, swearing and screaming more racist bile, breaking the glass more.  The door opened and they dove out, with one last string of racist hate and stupidity.  Nobody felt like following them, or escalating the situation by further confrontations.

All told, the episode took a minute, perhaps two, from when the dimwits got on the bus at Mackenzie, to the stop at Laurier and Cumberland.  The OCTranspo Special Constables arrived about a minute later, as uninvolved passengers got off the bus and got the hell away from the situation.  The Ottawa police were another minute behind.  Several of us stayed, first to protect the victims from anything else and second to give statements and share the videos and pictures of the dimwits to the various police agencies.

The rest of the passengers disappeared into the evening rush hour, not wanting to be involved.

One person, again someone I know well, took a moment with each of the victims and apologized, saying that they were sorry and this is not how my Canada behaves.  He was duly thanked for standing up and standing with them.  All told, there were four people who stood up, stepped in and stayed to give witness statements.  A 20-something young woman, a later 20-something woman, a mid-20’s man and the late 50’s man I know.

All of the people who stepped up and stepped forward were Canadian European white folks.  Two of the victims were a little darker, perhaps of African-Middle Eastern heritage and the third one was about as Canadian as you could be without wearing a red and black lumberjack-plaid hijab.  All were born here, so “go back to where you came from” meant going to either Orleans or Kanata, two suburbs of the city.

The aggressors?  First Nations heritage.  I hated writing that down.  These two dimwits have shamed themselves and their heritage.  An elder would have probably taken a belt to them and given them a sound thrashing.  Their actions showed what happens when you feed the dark wolf, not the light wolf.  The dimwits were old enough to know better.

Are we going to make excuses, or let things slide? No.  Pictures and video are with the police and the authorities are doing what they can, but they admit that there isn’t really much that can be done, from a legal standpoint, except for breaking the bus window.

The telling part, as noticed by one of the OCTranspo constables?  The people who intervened and stayed were either in their 20’s or in their 50’s and uniformly white Canadians.  Nobody in their 30’s or 40’s; they magically vanished, regardless of heritage.

So what did I learn?  I learned that when it comes time to step up, I step up.  I knew that already about myself and it’s been tested a few times as a first aid responder, but as someone who will step up and step into a racially charged violent situation?  Yes, that is new to me.

I’m at odds here:  Ashamed that these dimwits behaved the way they did.  Proud that others stood up and stepped forward.

Would I do it again?  Yes.  My Canada does not tolerate stupid, racist, violent behavior against anyone.





FBI Quagmire

The FBI quagmire is getting deeper and deeper down in the US of A.  Firing James B. Comey, the former FBI Director is Donny’s prerogative, as he’s the new kid in town, even though past precedent has been the FBI director serves a nominal ten-year (1) term.

Donny didn’t like the way Comey handled the Clinton Email server thing and reports exist that Trump asked Comey for a pledge of personal loyalty, yet another odd request of the FBI director.  The Office of Government Ethics has a bit to say about loyalty oaths.  So, for that matter, did a certain German Chancellor in 1934.  As for the timelines on when Donny made up his mind, it’s all over the map, from it took from breakfast the day of, to four months ago.

Where the real dirt comes to the surface are the persons who, at least according to Donny, were ones who recommended canning Comey.  That would be Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein in a memo to AG Jeff Sessions, saying Comey had to go.

SPOILER ALERT:  Attorney-General Jeff Sessions formally recused himself a couple of weeks ago from any involvement in the FBI investigation into the 2016 campaign Russian interference claims.  That means AG Jeff Sessions has broken his promise to recuse himself, and is in the shit with the Ethics Office, as according to Donny, Sessions is the one who agreed to pull the trigger on Comey.  Sessions had a formal, legal duty, as a recused AG to have nothing to do with the person who leads the investigation, James C Comey.  Recommending firing him, would be having “something” to do with it, even by the most generous of considerations.

The blowback has been remarkable.  Donny has shut his piehole for the time being, waiting out the time he can take off on his “Statesman” international trip next week, leaving his staff to clean up the mess.

As head of the FBI, Comey, like any other head of the FBI had his detractors and his followers, as nobody in that job ever has a 100% approval rating.  However, a recused AG doing the recommending is a clear, very clear violation of ethics.   I’ll quote from a former colleague, Brian Whiteford, from his Facebook page (2), who laid it out succinctly:

The legal and ethical groundswell calling out Nixon…Oops, I mean Trump grows…Twenty state and district attorneys general have signed a letter asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint an “independent special counsel” to investigate Russia’s attempts to meddle in the United States presidential election bearing in mind the Comey firing.

As well, an ethics watchdog group filed a complaint against Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday (May 12) alleging that his participation in the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey violated Justice Department rules and Sessions’ promise to recuse himself from matters involving Russia.

Guess who’s interviewing the candidates for the new FBI Director? You got it! Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein. Trump on Saturday said that it is “possible” the top position at the FBI could be filled by Friday.

Which explains why a lot of folks in DC are now calling for an independent counsel to investigate Donny-gate, with full legal standing, the ability to call witnesses, subpoena evidence and require testimony under oath.  The first subpoena should be for “any and all recordings, electronic files, transcriptions or records of conversations between The President and the then Director of the FBI, at any location.”

You and I know that Donny has a recording system in place, to record his every utterance for history and his yuge legacy to the American people and Making America Great Again, by bringing back the most venal, despicable, dishonest and lawless era in American history:  Nixon’s Watergate.

As with Nixon’s Watergate it is now time for the media to go to the mattresses and send this international embarrassment back to his golf clubs.


1: The ten-year rule was to preclude another J. Edgar Hoover, who used the FBI to get dirt on any candidate for any party, so he could protect his job.  J. Edgar served from 1932 to 1972, when he died in the chair.  Everybody in DC was terrified of him, the stories being if J. Edgar didn’t have your fullsome and complete, everlasting fealty as the head of the Stasi (pardon, Federal Bureau of Investigation) he’d leak pictures of you with your pants down getting a shine job from a circus clown and a midget in the middle of Bourbon street, even if it never actually happened.

2: Copyright 2017 by Brian Whiteford, used with permission and thanks


Donny and the Putin Playbook

We warned you about this one a few weeks ago in describing exactly how the Republican President is going to keep stirring the pot, in an attempt to keep the media busy and to exhaust the patience of the masses.  Firing FBI Chief Comey, then spreading various tall tales of timelines, recommendations, letters and threats to Comey to not have any tapes is just Donny and his handlers mixing it up, keeping Comey on his back foot.

What they’re doing is trying to distract you so often and from so many directions that you give up.  This is called being a moving target:  There is no time between outrages to actually unpack the stupidity and lies line by line.  Threats everywhere, to staff who leak, to recalcitrant judges, or even his own staff and sure enough, we’re seeing reactions from Trumpoids that it’s just Donny being Donny.

The problem is that when Donny is being Donny, as long as he’s just a four-time bankrupt failed casino owner and reality show star, then it’s all harmless.  The current Donny being Donny is the guy who heads up the United States of America.  Don’t like the press you’re getting, then threaten to shut down press briefings for good.  Yeah that’s just Donny being Donny.  And your First Amendment rights being shaded off.

Now this ADD monkey is going on an international trip, hitting a few joints where his Art Of The Deal act doesn’t cut jack-shit:  Saudi Arabia, Israel, then Rome, Brussels and Sicily for the G7.  He’s in over his head at every single one of those events and knows it.  Much like Nixon who tried to go all statesman-like when things started closing in during Watergate (“Peace with honour in Vietnam”)  Donny is trying to paint the Russian arm up his ass with a sign that says “Statesman”.

We can predict a lot of this trip.  He will follow a lot of the script and since he’s not at home, the tweets will settle down a bit, as the security folks will hopefully keep his phone away from him.  Then he’ll come back to Mar-A-Lago for a week worth of golf and rest as his Press Turd tries to colour Donny as a successful international deal-maker.

Look kids, Saudi Arabia and Israel play the long game when it comes to diplomacy.  So does Russia and China; their event horizons working five, ten to twenty years out. Donny is a blip, a dust speck.  Saudi Arabia and Israel are just colourful photo-ops.  So is the audience with the Pope in Rome, it means nothing.  If anything meaningful is announced (most unlikely), it will be because it was negotiated two or three years ago, under Obama and his State Department, not Donny and the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

It does give Donny something to post in a few months when the media starts to close up the Russian ties to his campaign and finances, you’ll see the photos from this trip come out again.  “You can’t impeach Donny as he’s such an important international statesman and does deals for America that nobody else can do!”  He’ll try for that kind of sympathy, much like Nixon did and when that failed, talked up his phlebitis that could “kill him at any moment”

Sorry Donny, but a photo op with the Pope isn’t an international deal.  The leaders at the G7 will eat him as a canape as Donny’s international economic credentials are about the same as that of my neighbour’s parrot: None and both of them shit on newspapers.

No, this is just a scripted distraction and not even a good one.  What you want to watch is not for the photo-ops, but for the silence in between the pictures.  Keep an eye on Bannon and Pence, as they’re the working the real deals in the background without the distraction of Donny tweeting while he’s taking his morning poop, buffing his Bishop to Fox “News”.

The real media is digging hard into Russia.  If they are wise, they’ll send their juniors and interns to cover Donny’s trip.  Let the senior folks start to tear it up domestically and get that real dirt we know is just a few more sources away.

If Donny does go off script while away, let the pool report it and don’t worry about the nuance of Donny being a dick at the NATO meetings.  NATO doesn’t give a fuck about Donny because they know Donny can’t walk away from NATO without incurring the wrath of his donors at Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics and the rest of the military teat-milkers, hangers-on and ‘security consultants’ in the military-industrial complex that accounts for about 1/3rd of the US economy.  Donny is locked into NATO, no matter what he, or Putin, says.

No, keep the senior media folks digging.  Stop reporting drivel with gravitas and get down to it.  Put Donny back on the defensive and don’t let up an inch.

With luck, Donny will be Donny and he won’t even be a one-term President.

Self-Evident Truths (Reprint)

We occasionally receive emails forwarded from locations unknown that contain pearls of wisdom among the dross.  One of which was the “Adult Truths” from a correspondent.  We’ve rewritten it, sort of, and reprinted it from February 2011 as we’re in day 6 of 14 or more of continuous, endless rain.  

1:  When you die, the first duty of your best friend should be to clear your computer history.

2:  There is great need for a sarcasm font, especially in email to government departments.

3:  Were the years spent learning cursive writing really necessary?

4:  MapQuest can start their directions on #5.  I know how to get out of my neighbourhood. 

5:  Could we all please just agree to ignore whatever comes along after Blu-Ray or 4K  I’m fed up with having to start my video collection…again.

6: Kay Jewelers is wrong:  Not every kiss begins with Kay.  Pick any Friday or Saturday night, and I’ll wager many start with a silo of MGD, or a fourth round of tequila shooters.

7:  To all the Nigerian/Togoan/Maldivian lawyers out there:  I don’t have wealthy relatives that suddenly died leaving me a fortune. No, you can’t help. 

9:  Can we have a sign in our cars that says:  Your $45,000 Lexus has a broken turn signal, or you’re an asshat.  Pick one.

10:  How are kids going to learn what clockwise is? 

11:  For that matter, how will kids ever know what REgent 5-1212 was?

12: 12:00…12:00…12:00  Is my technology mocking me?

13:  If the various national security agencies who are reading all our emails and texts would get together, I wouldn’t have to wade through mountainous piles of spam.  Just forward the important stuff please.  Oh, and send me a reminder of my anniversary as well.  Thanks.

14:  Note to parents:  Your kid will never make it to the NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL/Olympics.  Relax.  They are not the next Crosby or Gretz.  Ain’t happening.

15:  How many times can one network run “Weekend At Bernie’s” without incurring the wrath of consumers? Or is this just a trick by televisions manufacturers to have us throw large objects at our TV’s, necessitating the purchase of a new one?

16:  There are some things that should never be shot in 4K HD.  We do not need to see a Kardashian’s steatopygia at that level of detail.  

18:  Mashups should die now.  Preferably in the same fatal crash that takes Autotune and ProTools.  Learn how to sing then learn how to edit and mix.  For the video monkeys, there’s nothing wrong with a cut; use a dissolve if you have to.  The quad split was invented by video switcher engineers to have another button that lights up. 

19:  Ice Fishing.  Why fish for it, when you have a perfectly good freezer at home?  Make your own.

20:  There’s no such thing as “Authentic” any cuisine.  It’s always changing.  Beware of any joint that strives to serve authentic fusion cuisine when the place is named Ulmanis & Tomokiro and serves Latvian-Japanese fusion cuisine. 

21:  Why cut when you can untie?  Sorry, now that everything is in impervious plastic security blister-pack clamshells, you have to reach for the plasma cutter to get at the tube of wood filler.

22:  A little honesty from the liquor companies please.  The objective isn’t to relive that great time when we ran out of milk and loaded the coffee with Bailey’s.  The objective is to relive the Christmas party when Gretchen from Accounting got shitfaced and took her top off while dancing on the break room counter.

23:  Thong underwear is wrong, regardless of gender.

24:  Ads for prescription medicine should include a complete list of  all the side effects.  This will result in prescription medicine ads that are four minutes long or cover five pages of your magazine.  We need to know that your miracle cure has only been tested on four employees, two of whom spontaneously combusted when exposed to daylight.

25:  Lists like this.  It must be mid-winter.  (Actually, it must be day 6 of 14 of continuous rain.  Petrie Island is under water)

Health Care In Canada

For our American readers, here is a primer on how health care works in Canada.  We’re going to use simple concepts and small words so the majority of you can understand the whole thing despite having voted for the Republican President and been distracted by shiny objects and blatant lies.

Canada, that big country in pink over top of your country on a map, has about 36 million people in it.  We have cradle to grave healthcare for everybody.  Let’s take a common, easy to understand scenario.  You have a clumsy moment on the street and trip over your own two feet.

If you trip over your own two feet and break an ankle a few things happen up here in Canada.  One, you get treated for a broken ankle by doctors and nurses at the hospital. That would mean an x-ray, reviewed by a real physician to determine a) is this ankle broken? b) is there anything else wrong/life threatening with this broken ankle?

Assuming yes, the ankle is broken, nothing complex and there are no other complications, a physician will write an order for a cast.  It could be plaster, it could be fibreglass, it could be one of those newfangled ‘boot’ casts that are attached with velcro straps, depending on the severity and complexity of the break.  In all likelihood you will get a prescription for Tylenol 3’s and some crutches.   You’ll be sent on your way from the hospital along with some advice to keep your ankle up, rest, ice it and see your own physician soon.

Upon seeing your own physician, most probably they will write you orders for physiotherapy once you’re healed up, some follow up x-rays to make sure your ankle is healing correctly and anything else you might need to have a good outcome.  If you don’t have your own physician, it could be a couple of outpatient visits at the hospital and outpatient physio, either at the hospital, or a physiotherapy clinic.

Cost to you?  Less than $50.  Hospitals do charge a nominal fee for crutches.  And the cost of your Tylenol 3’s, about $11 for the Rx to take the pills at home over the next few days.

Notice that during this entire process, there has been no mention of insurance, funding, co-pays, deductibles, asks for a credit card, or other money up front.  Nobody has measured your wallet.  The medical decisions have been made by medical people using common, accepted, scientific methods of treatment to get the best possible outcome for the patient.

If you have supplementary insurance usually through your employer, the whole thing might not have cost you anything other than parking at the hospital while you hobbled into Emergency.

I won’t guess how much a hospital in the US would charge you for the same treatment, but according to some rudimentary web queries the prices range from $2,500 to $11,000 not including doctors’ fees, which can be $1,000 to $2,000 plus the radiologist fees to read the x-rays.  Let’s go mid-way between the two and call it $6,000 to $9,000 for the same uncomplicated broken ankle, cast, physio, some Tylenol and crutches.

The first question that gets asked when you hobble into a US Emergency is “Do you have insurance and with what company?”  There is the essential difference.

Now, the hard question:  How do we pay for health care in Canada?  Taxes.  We pay more Federal and Provincial taxes than Americans pay in Federal and State taxes.  In reality, perhaps 7 to 10% more, so not really a great difference.  That extra money we pay in taxes goes for things like universal health care.  Canada made that decision as a country in 1966 because it was the right thing to do for all our citizens.

As a closer to home example, the beloved spousal unit wound up in hospital with an abscessed tooth.  She was sent, by her dentist to Emergency as things were not clearing up.  There was oral surgery in Emergency on the day of.  At a followup two days later, things were getting worse, not better and there was a real danger of the infection going systemic, not just in the gum or the jaw.

She was admitted to hospital and the next night was on the table, under general, being operated on to get deep down into the infection.  There was bag after bag of IV antibiotics, some serious pain meds, x-rays, a CAT scan, more, different IV antibiotics as well as post-surgical care and regular hospital services.  Four days later, she is finally discharged, with another two weeks of daily IV antibiotics on home care at a local community care clinic.  Yes, she’s fine, on the mend, thanks for asking.

Turns out it was a Clindamycin-resistant staph infection, Clindamycin being the oral antibiotic of choice for dentists for a patient with an abscessed tooth.  In this case, through simple bad luck, the infection was exactly the kind that was resistant, which is why she didn’t get better in a couple of days and the whole trip to the Emergency department over the Easter weekend.

We did a little back of the envelope calculation and figured that the cost of her treatment was not too far from either side of $20,000 to $30,000, considering about $2,500 to $4,000 a day for a hospital stay.  Then general anesthesia for the second dental surgery, which ain’t cheap no matter how you calculate it, just by counting the people in the OR.  Then the Infectious Diseases folks and lab techs who diagnosed the clindamycin-resistant staph, necessitating the change of medications.  Nursing care, meds, meals and the usual overheads.

We’ll put it right in the middle, call it $25,000 worth of medical care.

Our biggest cost was parking.  $13 a day for four days while admitted and another $13 for the first visit to Emergency.  $65 bucks.  (We’re certain I spent at least that on coffee while waiting with her in hospital over the course of her treatment.)

The rest of that bill was paid for by our health care system, by that 7% to 10% more income tax we pay for universal health care.  No bill was presented to us.  We didn’t have to mortgage the house.

Per capita, the Canadian system, fully taxpayer funded, costs about $4,000 per person, to cover everybody in the country.

That’s 11% of our Gross Domestic Product going to healthcare.

The American Medicaid system, which doesn’t cover everybody, for the barest, rudimentary coverage, only at certain hospitals, and with only certain doctors, under certain circumstances costs the America taxpayer $9,600 per.

That’s 18% of your Gross Domestic Product going to healthcare.

You tell me why.

Phil Mountbatten Hangs It Up

After 70 years, the Duke of Edinburgh is hanging up his day gig doing the Royal thing.  In 1947 he married up, getting hitched to Betty Windsor, who eventually became Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Phillip Mountbatten (nee Battenberg) is 95 and is a delightfully wicked man.  He almost had to become one, as his real job was to shut the hell up and stand next to the Queen.  Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward were his issue, the unwritten part of the job description.  Like the Queen, Phil works it, doing a lot of public events that come under the auspices of Royal duties, but at 95, he’s had enough and will serve out his last remaining engagements, then retire this fall.

The gig isn’t that taxing.  It’s not like he’s got 50 cubic yards of topsoil to move with a shovel and wheelbarrow by sundown, but the various Royals do several hundred events every year and at 95, hey, he’s earned a break.  Being delightfully wicked, he has on several occasions placed both feet firmly in it.  Herewith a compendium of a few of the best in something we’re calling Phil Mountbatten’s Best, derived from this Daily Mail article today.

“I declare this thing open, whatever it is”  – on a visit of Canada, 1969

“If it has got four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and it is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it.” (at a 1986 World Wildlife Fund meeting)

“How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through the test?” (to a driving instructor in Oban, Scotland, during a 1995 walkabout)

“You look like a suicide bomber.” (to a young female officer wearing a bullet-proof vest on Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, in 2002)

And our favourite of all time:

“If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed.” (to British students in China, during the 1986 state visit)

Phil Mountbatten.  Man of the People.  Phil?  Enjoy the retirement.