Imus Followup

Don Imus got the gate from Les Moonves, prez of CBS today.  Don’s comments on the Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball team, as well reported and not worthy of repeating anymore, did not go over well, so Imus is gone.

Good, bad, indifferent, Imus’s firing is more of a caution to anyone to not cross the line into something that is nasty.  But the argument still remains, what is nasty, or spiteful to me, is not necessarily nasty or spiteful to someone else. 

Personally, I’m offended that a person who spoke of America as being "The Great Satan" was being spiteful and trying to demonize the US.  It was a hateful comment designed to demean, hurt and affect the self-image of all Americans in a negative way, as well as their reputation in the world at large.

The author of that quote (Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, currently dead), was not an employee of CBS and as such, could not be sanctioned, fired, or suspended by Les Moonves. 

Sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and move on.



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