Monthly Archives: February 2008

February Will Pass

There hasn’t been much action on Road-Dave in the past two weeks, as there has been some deadlines on the work side of life that have required all the brain cycles available. 

Suffice to say, the Democrats are doing their thing with Obama and Hilary running close enough to give pollsters fits. 

The Republicans have anointed John McCain. Willard (Mitt) Romney is going to go back to whatever it is he used to do.  

The US Government has passed laws allowing the use of spy satellites domestically and absolving US Telcos and network carriers of any responsibility for the warrant-less wiretapping of email, surfing habits, downloads and phone calls of citizens.

The EU is insisting on fingerprints for all visitors, just like the US, while Canada works the worry-beads over our troops in Afghanistan and the potential for a federal election this spring.

Meanwhile, we’re getting snowed upon, again; Toronto catching the wrath of global climate change, with more snow in the past two weeks than has fallen in the past two years.  Side streets and sidewalks are essentially glaciers that won’t disappear until April, when we’ll find wooly mammoths and postal carriers frozen in place.

The Writers Guild has cut a deal with producers, so the production can begin again on vapid shows with laugh tracks and as much innovation as taking a piss left-handed can bring you.

And a beagle has been chosen as the grand champion of the Westiminster Dog Show.  He’s cute, in a beagle way.

This must be February.  It too shall pass.