Mason Baveux Catches Up, Again

There have been several changes in the personal life that have prevented my posting in the last few weeks.  First off, I’m in mid-move from Toronto, back to Ottawa, unloading three and a half years of detritus and preparing to hand off the keys at the end of the month.  Second, I have a new job in Ottawa, still in the high-tech sector.  There has been a number of back and forth trips, shuttling belongings and getting into the swing of a new job.  Which isn’t an excuse, just the simple reality.  Which is why I’ve given Mason Baveux the password again.  May The Deity have mercy upon us.


Davey say I can do some more bloggery, so’s I sharpened up the pencil and got me some new carbon paper, so’s I can keep a copy.  You never know ya know so that if Hollywood comes lookin for someone to fix up some writin, I can do’er up a treat.  Davey even put that Winders Live Riter on the ‘puter for me, so’s technically I don’t need no carbon paper, or a pencil, but, I’s always writ her out longhand, then typed’er up, so’s why change now?

Seems our Canadian troops have been gettin’ killed regular, havin the IUD’s blow up under their LAVs over in Afghanistan.  Now this is something what pisses me off.  Not that our Boys and Girls are over there, as I think there doing something important and good, but that they keep gettin killed.  I think someone should be remindin the Afghanistans that we’re not over there to get in their business, except to keep them from killin each other long enough to turn over Osama Bin Laden.  Oh, and to do some Democracy.

Maybe we shouldn’t be there no more.  Seems they don’t want to turn over Osama and they don’t want to stop killin each other.  And they said ‘shove you Democracy up your arse, friggin infidels, unless there’s money on the table, then we’ll take off the hats’

Well, if they don’t want our help, don’t want to stop killin each other and won’t sit down to talk unless we build them a well, five schools, a hospital and give’em all Facebook accounts, then we should pack it up and go home.  Ya can’t help someone what doesn’t want help.  Frig them.  Our soldiers are worth more alive in one piece, than any nine of them you care to mention.  One of the lads has a nephew over there twice and says they change sides about every 20 minutes, depending on whose got money or food or the family held hostage.  Ya can’t work with crazy people. I know this fer shure.

Harper is doin his electioneering again.  This time arsehole’s got an ad what says Iggy is a lyin gravy-sucker whose going to run back to Harvard if he’s not made Queen in the next election this fall.  Iggy hasn’t been listening to his advisors, and in his television commercial actually cracks a smile.  Iggy looks like he’s a before picture advertisement for the British Dental Association.  Meanwhile Jack Layton is wanderin around inside his head, listenin to the voices again.  Gil Dousheppe is still in existence, with actual Members of Parliament workin for the Block Cuebec.  Oh and there’s Betty May, for the Greeners.  Jeezus Henry Christ, we need another election, like we need ingrown intimate hairs on the rear porticulus.

Oh and Daveys gone and took a job in Ottawa, so he’s moved back there and out of the apartment in Mississauga.  Just as well too, as he never did care much for Toronto.  Can’t says I blame him, as the nicest think about Toronto is the 401, goin East or West, the 400 North or the QEW Southbound.  Not to say that theres anything wrong with Toronto, except the traffic, the housing, the stores, the weather, the taxes and most of the people. 

You see on the news there that Barry Obama, the missus and Oprah went to Copenhagen to get the Olys lined up for Chicago in 2014.  Then the Oly folks said “No way we’re goin there.  Rio’s be it this time.”  I’m all for Rio as we’ll see some of the shapely competitors in Brazillian bathing suits, which would be enough to get me through the winter of 2013 just thinkin about it.  As for the Brazillian Wax, I’m all for it.  Especially the Carnuba, as that whats gives you the shine when you buff it.  Davey just told me a Brazillian Wax isn’t quite what I’s thinkin it was.  I suppose my comment about the buffin’ still applies tho.  Just a different buffin for the muffin. 

Anyways, Davey says I can write some more later, but he’s finally got his stuff unpacked in Ottawa and can find his toothbrush, so he’s set.  Seems a nice family of Muslims bought most of his furniture from Toronto on the last day of Ramalangadingdongdan and he didn’t have to move too much back.  Just a van full, which is about right.  I’da helped him move, but with the back problems and the disability, about all I could do was offer spiritual support.  So’s I did.  I took his bottle of Bushmill’s and drained’er, as liquids are heavy to ship and glass can break. 

But you’ll be glad to know I recycle, so the landfill is one glass bottle less today.  I tossed the empty onto the GO tracks from the apartment.  Once a year the Scouts come by and clean up the ditch near the transit, so the glass will get picked up in April next year.  I might not be a Greener Keener, but I do my part and always bring the empty 2-4 bottles back to The Beer Store.  That’s where the keep the Beer don’tcha know.





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