Karma Time

There are so many different ways to describe karma that we could easily spend the next thousand words plucking it into submission and still wind up with nothing more than used WordPress server space and another post.  We’ll keep it simple this time.

I managed to misplace my electronic pass and transit pass somewhere yesterday.  It seems small enough a hazard of modern life to be unremarkable, but it can be annoying to get another work pass, another photo, then off to the bus company, another photo another pass, standing in lines, explaining to the drones why you need a replacement and, naturally, the paperwork involved.

Of course I looked all over the house, cars and yard for it in a frantic flurry early this morning, but to no avail.  At work today I wore the Badge of Shame, the dreaded T pass, Turkey pass or ‘Tard pass, depending on your preference and tolerance for political incorrectness.  Coming home, I had mentally planned to all but disassemble my car, assuming it had slipped off my belt and fallen in the millimetre slot between seat and console.  Upon arriving home I happened to look up at the windshield of my car, passenger side and there was my pass, placed there by a kind soul who had found it, probably at the end of the driveway and knew that it was important.

There was no note, or explanation scribbled with it:  Just the small rectangular holder, belt clip and passes, under the windshield wiper waiting for me to be in the right frame of mind, at the right place in the right time to see it.  After a small, but grateful thank you to the Karmic deities, I have it back. 

Thank you, kind stranger.  May you get your reward of positive karma when you need it, to brighten your day, as you have illuminated mine.


2 responses to “Karma Time

  1. Interesting timing. I have a sort-of “karmic” proposal for you – stay tuned to your Email for further details. 😉
    And yes, it’s very nice when the world has a golden opportunity to crap on your head, and instead hands you a flower. 🙂

  2. I love it when someone does something so unexpected for us & we aren’t expecting it! I once lost my passes too & someone turned it in to the Lost & Found the next day because they knew it was important. No name, no thanks wanted. So kind!

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