We’ve held off on writing about Boston for a reason.  The situation was so fluid and unpredictable that anything we wrote would be null and void a half-hour later.  Now that things have resolved we can comment with some certainty of reflection.

First off, the bombings have nothing to do with ObamaCare, Gun Control, Foreign Policy towards Syria, drilling for oil in Alaska or Obama’s birth certificate.  If the right wing nuts would be so kind as to shut the front door, we can go about our analysis with a semblance of intellectual rigour.

What we’re probably looking at are two disaffected young men with a wobbly set of beliefs.  There could be some religious overtones there, but nothing along the lines of Al-Qaeda jihadist cement heads that we know about yet.  Disaffected and unconnected to their society, yes, very much so, but we will find out more as the investigation progresses as to the motivations involved.

The technology involved in the bombings were crude, home made and very effective at doing exactly what these guys wanted to do: Spread panic and terror.  The objective was to maim and kill as many as possible, but without access to legit explosives and detonators, they resorted to some basement-built improvised explosive devices that worked fine, thank you very much.

The bigger questions, still unanswered, are why and who else?

Was there some mentorship, leadership or technical assistance from elsewhere to bring these two to a Monday afternoon last week?

Understandably the police, FBI and HomeBoy Security are not being particularly forthcoming with the information.  They should keep their collective pie-holes shut until they come up with answers that pass a rudimentary logic test.  We will find out more as this unwraps. 

Where this all goes to hell is with our media.  They’ve got a news cycle to fill and if you haven’t got anything to say, then they will speculate and surmise and guess, then bring in the ‘experts’ to add their noise to the news hour.  Oh and make sure you put a four-second clip of two guys walking around, on permanent repeat for at least a dozen hours along with the graphic crawl, along with the spinning animated ‘bug’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

Shampoo, rinse, repeat, endlessly, until we turn off the television.


4 responses to “Boston

  1. Disaffected young men? They attacked unarmed non-combatants. It’s called a cowardly act and why the media or the countless talking heads don’t use that word is in itself obscene.

  2. Can the Left Wing nuts shut the front door too or does one need top be right handed?

  3. I think this was a cowardly act by 2 disaffected youth & I agree with you about the television coverage. I found it amusing to see the “talking heads” talking all over each other trying to get in their quota of words.

  4. Between CNN’s infamous “we have nothing to report, so here’s our report” and the Post’s photo of two “suspects who weren’t suspects”, I’ve given up on American news for analysis. I’m stickin’ with the three BCs – ABC (Aussie land, not the US one), BBC, and CBC. With liberal doses of Deutsche Welle and (you’ll love this one) the Hamilton Spectator. Though I do have to let the Chicago Tribune in, as well – gotta cover both hometowns, the one I was born in, and the one I’d like to die in. 😀

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