Been a while: Today’s Outrage

It has been a while, what with life intruding, but we’re back at it, hopefully on a more regular basis.  Thank you for your patience.

First off, Today’s Outrage:  An anonymous person in Newcastle, Ontario decided it would be acceptable to drop off a letter at a house.  The story is that the letter describes the noises the recipient’s grandson makes are “noise polluting whailing (sic)” scared the author’s “normal children”.  A reasonable gripe, kids are loud. 

The line was crossed at this point: “he is a hindrance to everyone and will always be that” and “do the right thing and move or euthanize him”  Said kid, is 13 years old and autistic, which the anonymous author recognizes up front in the first ‘graph. 

Now, aside from being a gutless birth canal, the anonymous author has managed to get a lot of righteous international support for the family of the child.  This kind of behaviour is never acceptable, under any of the tests of reasonableness, however, the local Durham region cops, after conferring with the local Crown Attorney, has decided that the test of “hate crime” has not been met.  Hateful, certainly, extraordinarily and very deliberately cruel, of course, but not exactly a ‘hate crime’. 

To illustrate a different reaction to excessive noise, we give you our own circumstance.  Last week some lads were delivering flyers in our modest neighbourhood.  They rolled the car up, bounced out and went door to door, dropping flyers.  Except they left the radio on, at a very loud level.  This we can tolerate for the couple of three minutes it takes until they move on, an annoyance, but not really an issue.

Except the lyrics of the particular song, which was very easily heard inside our house, started with “I’m gonna fuck me some niggah bitches right up the ass…” and went down hill from there.  Not exactly my taste in musical expression and I would suspect not exactly the most appropriate lyrics for anywhere outside of an after-hours club.

I took a few seconds to pull on some shoes and went outside.  Hailing down the driver of the vehicle, very calmly and very firmly said that, “I appreciate your taste in music, but please, I don’t need to hear it inside my house.  Could you please turn it down?”  The fellow reacted quizzically and asked if it was too loud?  I said it was and the lyrics weren’t really appropriate.  He very quickly turned it off and apologized.  I said thanks and that was it.  No threats, no offers to euthanize, violate, or chop up into small pieces and feed to the fishes.  Just a simple transaction of asking for a little discretion, courtesy and mutual respect from both sides.

Now back to this gutless birth canal in Newcastle.  If she had tried on several occasions to let her feelings about the autistic kid be known, or at least had tried to open a dialogue with the family, to understand the why or wherefore of the situation, then that should have been the end of it.  Perhaps a few hurt feelings, or a bit of a miffed attitude, certainly, but not this explosion of needless cruelty that has now gone very public and very viral. 

We know that someone, somewhere will find out who wrote this letter and delivered it, then someone else will decide that something equally as vile is a fair response, escalating until the Fully Stupid line is crossed involving pets, random damage and violence. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Ideally the author will approach the family, apologize, then the family will let us know that everything is now cool and there is no need to take it any further.  Equally hatful trolls will chill out and a very ugly scene will be averted.  Ideally.

Except that what we’re talking about is grownups behaving like grownups, taking responsibilities for their own actions and ensuring that things don’t escalate into Fully Stupid. 

We can only hope  




6 responses to “Been a while: Today’s Outrage

  1. I am not sure that I would have the guts to ask for a tone down in my modest neighborhood, but maybe I shouold.

  2. You can always try, as long as you do it with respect and dignity. Two rounds of semi-auto over their heads does not count as respectful or dignified. Especially when followed by two rounds through the trunk or windshield.

  3. Why is it people feel free to be so hateful when they hide behind anonymity?

  4. benzeknees, the easy answer is that there are no repercussions from being a complete asshat. That said, occasionally the polloi makes their feelings known in a much more vindictive way. Not that I’m suggesting it.

  5. I can only imagine what her kids will grow up thinking!

  6. Catching up on old stuff. This is a double pity. First, it shows how we’ve become so insulated and isolated from others, that nothing can be resolved with face-to-face easy chats – everything blows up to near-nuclear levels. The other pity is that American-level idiocy has reached Canada. Stupidity is truly well on its’ way to replacing hydrogen as the most abundant things in the universe.

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