The Free Speech Duck and GroupThink

We’re going to enter the Duck Dynasty debacle with both feet, at least one in our collective mouth.

We’re also going to simplify here to bring the argument down to the core by using an analogy, so you’ll have to stay with it a bit.

I don’t like cauliflower.  I don’t like the taste.  I don’t like the texture.  I’ve tried it several dozen ways, over a period of many years and I don’t like it.  You may agree with me. Or you may not. 

Some people might send me fourteen of their favorite recopies for cauliflower gratin, sautéed, boiled, with cheese sauce, or lardons of pig cheeks and garlic over a bed of quinoa and steamed kale.  (Note to the reader; don’t bother)

Others, of a differing view might simply say “Dave don’t like cauliflower and if he ever comes here for dinner, we won’t serve him any”  (Note to the reader; I’m probably not coming to dinner at your place)

A third group, with a little too much time on their hands, would protest that I’m not being supportive of the cauliflower industry.  Not only that, but I’m not in favor of a fair wage for Mexican field workers, or long-distance truckers, or restrictions on Genetically Modified Organisms, or Organic Fair-Market Produce because I don’t like cauliflower.  For that matter, I’m anti-California as that’s where the majority of cauliflower consumed in North America is grown. (Note to the reader:  California sucks, I’ll wear that one.)

A fourth group would picket or email bomb WordPress because they’re carrying this blog on their platform and are responsible for me stating, “I don’t like cauliflower” 

They’ll demand WordPress should immediately suspend RoadDave because I’m not supporting fair wages for Mexican field workers, long-distance trucking, restrictions on GMO’s, and Organic Fair-Market Produce and am probably in league with Satan/Liberals/Islamic Fundamentalist to the point that I was likely the 22nd hijacker on 9/11. (Note to the reader; If this is your worldview, then you need your meds adjusted)

The nub of it all is this:  I’m entitled to my opinion and to express it.  I don’t like cauliflower.  I am also entitled to NOT buy cauliflower.  You can’t make me, guilt me, or coerce me into plunking down my hard-earned cash for cauliflower, even if it’s locally produced, organically grown and wrapped lovingly in sustainable packaging on the supple thighs of nubile, readily consenting farm maidens.  (Note to the reader:  Maybe the farm maidens…nope.)

Your obligation is to accept that I don’t like cauliflower.  My obligation is to listen to your pitch with some degree of politeness and then tell you that you have not changed my opinion.  We agree to disagree.

Phil Robertson doesn’t like homosexuals?  So what?  He’s entitled to his opinion.  Nobody is being forced to watch Duck Dynasty or buy their merch.  There are no camo vans trolling the streets with teams of bearded followers forcing you to watch the show. 

Express your displeasure with your wallet, or the finger on your remote. 

Express your acceptance with your wallet or your finger on the remote.

I’m expressing my opinion.  I’m not buying cauliflower.  


6 responses to “The Free Speech Duck and GroupThink

  1. I still maintain that just because you have a platform to express your opinion, it doesn’t mean you have to express it.

  2. Hit Enter too soon! Phil Robertson is definitely entitled to his opinions, I agree, but perhaps he should just keep them to himself, particularly when in regard to controversial topics. In other words, Phil, “judge not lest ye yourself be judged.”

  3. Agree except that is it that Phil robertson doesn’t like homosexuality rather than not liking homosexuals. There is a difference. At least you didn’t make any speeping generalities like California sucks.

  4. I agree with his right to say what he wants, with one proviso. Since he has a public forum now (the show), he should be a little more discreet in what he says. From what I saw of the interview, he was neither forced nor coerced to babble about his beliefs.
    Is that fair? Heck, no. But it ain’t fair that a hairy SOB like him is making a ton of money, and I have to live among the same kinda rednecks for free! :p 😀

  5. I agree with you about people having the right to say whatever they like except fire in a crowded theatre. I just don’t like when said people try to make me feel the same way they do about what they think.

  6. This is why Americans have a peculiar habit of thinking everything is “totally awesome,” and even the most mundane activities were “the best thing ever!” It’s the unconscious drive we share for importance and significance, this unmentioned belief, socially beaten into us since birth that if we’re not the best at something, then we don’t matter.

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