No Grrrls Allowed at York (Rockin the 70’s groove)

This one crossed our desk earlier in the week.  A male student at York University in Toronto has asked for and received permission to not work with female students, in this story from the Toronto Star.

The deal is, his religious beliefs do not permit him to work with women, study with women, or interact with women.  He applied for an exception and it was granted.

As you know, we’re fairly tolerant of differing belief sets.  As long as you’re not impolite about it, then live and let live.  You’ve got your brand of God that you really like, we’ve got ours, we like our brand, you like yours and have a happy day.   

Trying to be inclusive here, we can see this as tip of the slippery slope.  Let us turn this around and see if the logic fairy will appear.

Conceptually, my particular and peculiar religious beliefs state that I can only work with women with natural intimate hair.  This is because the principal doctrine of my religion is based on a song. It’s a song allegedly penned by Hunter S. Thomson as the ultimate country song.  The title?  Jesus Hated Bald Pussy 

Since HST coined that title, we have adhered to it fervently, in the hopes that we’re never exposed to shaved, waxed, trimmed, dyed, bleached, plucked or sculpted intimate hairs on females of legal age.

Part of the religious orthodoxy is that any female that we work with must prove that they do not currently, have not and do not plan to ever perform any maintenance on their Secret Garden, beyond basic personal hygiene.  In fact, this is so important to our religious beliefs that any female must publically expose said areas to prove same. 

If we do interact, even inadvertently, we will forfeit our right to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, suffering Eternal Damnation, Hellfire and Brimstone.  This is a deeply held belief amongst us. A deeply held, religious, belief.

Assuming we were enrolled at York University, could we demand that the only those students with a, to quote Gwyneth Paltrow, 70’s groove to interact with me as a student.  Would York University demand that any female student in our class be required to visibly prove said 70’s groove?

Before you start writing a hateful email, we’re merely posing this as a question, a theoretical question, to illuminate the logic in York University’s decision. 

As you might tell, the logic fairy did not appear in our test. York University has received an F.

We want to be inclusive, tolerant and accepting of other belief sets, as it is the right thing to do, but there are lines out there that we, as a society, have to draw. No Gurrrls Allowed is one of them.  It has to be drawn with a big-tip Sharpie. 

If that particular student can’t, for deeply held religious beliefs, be near women, then he can find and enroll in an all-male University somewhere on his own dime.  The same would conceptually hold true for those who might ascribe to the Hunter S. Thomson sect: An entire post-secondary institution dedicated to natural hairs.

And it’s just as dumb as No Gurrrls Allowed.





One response to “No Grrrls Allowed at York (Rockin the 70’s groove)

  1. I agree with you! If his religious beliefs do not allow him to interact or work with females then he should attend an all male university or study on line. Quit expecting the whole world to revolve around you! I personally am fearful of men who have had too much to drink due to some bad experiences in the past. Now should I go get a job in a bar but tell my employer he cannot serve to men because I have a problem with them? I have a problem with men who drink to excess – I stay away from places where I might run into them. I take it upon myself to protect myself.

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