The Soldier Killings – A Reflection

More details have come out regarding the Parliament Hill shootings and the killing of WO Patrice Vincent last week near Montreal.  The stories will continue to fill out, more factoids and colourations coming to light about the people, the actions and the results.

We’re more inclined to look at the bigger picture. 

What is striking is the commonality between the killers.  Both Canadians.  Both a touch messed up in the head.  Both ostensibly radicalized by religion.

Don’t get us wrong, you can pray to whatever God you like. 

Like we have Chevys, Fords or Nissans, at the end of the day it’s the same thing: A Car. 

Anglicans, Jews, Buddhists or Muslims; at the end of the day it’s the same God.

We’re not going to crap all over Islam, or any other religion.  We think labeling someone as a radicalized or a self-radicalized Muslim is a cheap media trick to make us afraid.  Especially afraid of the new term, the Lone Wolf Jihadist

We’re calling Bullshit.

The Klu Klux Klan wrapped themselves in God as their rationale for dragging a black person behind a pickup truck.  German soldiers in WWII often wore a belt buckle that said “Gott Mit Uns” – God With Us, while leading innocents to their deaths at Treblinka.

Don’t get us going on the Inquisition or the Crusades.

Looking down the pages of history humans have been fighting religious wars since way before Jesus.  Greek gods were all renamed by the Romans, same god, different handle, done for spite.  Catholics fighting Protestants.  Orthodox Jews battling Reform Jews.  Shiites and Sunnis at each other.  Hindus trying to kick Sikh asses. 

(We suspect the only group that stayed out of religious battles were Buddhists, but we wager they’ve said some snarky things about Shinto adherents, however these comments are lost to time.)  

What does truly get our back up is what are called Terrorists, organized or not, regardless of what brand of God they hide behind. 

Terrorists try to make you afraid of everything in the name of their particular brand of God either to change you to their brand, or as an excuse to do violent, horrible things. 

If the great shadowy organizers of these things were truly, deeply, sincere in their beliefs that killing a bus-load of school children, bombing a pub, or shooting a soldier standing watch at a monument in the name of their brand of God, is exactly what God wanted and they would be rewarded fabulously by that God, wouldn’t they logically want to be at the head of the line, strapping on the vest and going first, to show, to demonstrate, with their very lives that, yes, our God is pleased. 

No, it would seem they don’t.  It’s much cleaner to have someone else do the real dirty work for you. 

So they recruit or inflame the crazy, the weak, the loners. the losers, the simple and the lost to do unconscionable things on their behalf, in the name of whatever brand of God they’re peddling.

They figure they might as well make us afraid of everything with their acts and it often works, thanks to our media reporting every outrage and savagery in as much detail as they can.

For the Terrorist, that’s when they figure they’ve won, lone-wolf or not; they’ve made us afraid. 

Thursday morning people here in Ottawa went back to work, a little sad and little quieter than normal.  Yesterday people gathered at the War Memorial to observe silence for Cpl Nathan Cirillo in a spontaneous display of thanks and mourning.

As they took his body back to Hamilton down the Highway of Heroes yesterday, there were thousands of regular folks along the route on one of the busiest highways in Canada, lining the road and on the overpasses to honour and bear witness. 

Aside from honouring Cpl Cirillo, we think we are also saying something important, the subtext of honouring those who terrorists have killed.

We’re going to be crude, sorry, but here it is:

Dear Terrorists:  Fuck You.

We’re going back to work.  We might not be happy right now, but if we climb under the bed and spend all day and all night being scared of our shadow, then the terrorists win.

To which we also say: Fuck you, you won’t win.

We’ve got people who don’t give up and won’t give up and we demonstrate that by backing up our military, our cops and even our government, no matter how messed up they might be.

We’re not afraid of you jumping out from behind the bushes yelling “Boo!” waving your guns, your flag and your tiny dick around. 

Yes, some of us are going to get hurt when you try to terrorize us with car bombs, beheading videos or hijacking planes into buildings but we’re not giving up.  We’ll be sad, but then we’ll get back up and do it some more just to piss you off.

We’re doing it because it is the Right Thing To Do.

Everybody on this planet has the right to have enough food, go to school, go to work, have a roof over their heads and have enough money left over to goof off once in a while.  That’s called Freedom. 

It includes the right to be free from fear.

We’re so confident that we don’t even have to do it in the name of God. We’re doing it because it is the right thing to do.   

We are not afraid.  You lose.  Fuck You.


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