Monthly Archives: March 2016

Wall Time

We’ve stayed out of the US Primary commentary for a two sensible reasons. One, it’s natural selection at work, as the fringe candidates are winnowed out through the financial warfare that is raising money for a campaign. Two, the US primary system is so messed up with pollsters, advertising and partisan gerrymandering that one can barely tell the nuts from the flakes.  Think of a sandwich made by a six-year old with a very bad attitude and poor hand-eye coordination.

The winnowing is more or less complete and it has come down to about four candidates and we can feel reasonably confident in our assessments and observations of the personalities that wish to be President of the United States of America. Trump, Rubio, Clinton and Sanders.

Frankly, we wouldn’t trust any of them to run a vending machine, let alone sit in the Big Chair. The Republican Party has devolved into the most fractious of the two, to the point that the last ‘debate’ became nothing more than seeing who could shout the longest, while others were talking at the same time.

Trump, leading in the polls, is nothing more than a parade float of troll memes. Red, white and blue plastic flowers (made in China) on a chicken wire frame, rolling along on the stripped down chassis of a 1972 short-wheelbase school bus.

Rubio is a garden gnome, with all the gravitas, dignity and forwarding looking vision for a better America of a garden gnome engaged in a “I know you are but what am I?’ playground battle with the schoolyard bully. Note to Rubio, when Trump demands your lunch money, tell him you left it on his wife’s nightstand.

Bernie Sanders is actually progressive because he wants to change things. The problem is that he wants to change things in a country that does not want to change and join the latter half of the 20th century.

Clinton? To reduce her to a lying, cheating, narcissistic power-mad monster is unflattering.  Fair comment usually is.  Shaking hands with her is an exercise in counting your fingers after you’re done, then grabbing the hand sanitizer.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the Democratic and Republican campaigns is the massive spike in Google searches for “How do I become a Canadian Citizen” from American households. We’re flattered by your interest, but we’re not taking applications at this time.  We’re busy building a wall along the 49th to keep the illegal immigrants out.  Sorry.

We know America isn’t this dumb. We know you can do better, choose better and be better.