Recharging in Barbados

Humans are like batteries, we need the occasional recharge to come back up to four bars and to work efficiently.  How one recharges differs from human to human.  Having been a workaholic for many decades, we never really had the time, money or the inclination to engage in a real vacation.  There was always something more important, more pressing than taking the time for a vacation.  Even our honeymoon in 1988 was cut short by a Federal Election call.  A few extra-long long weekends here and there, sure, but no actual, we’re-down-for-ten-days-sit-on-your-ass break from everything.

Until a couple of weeks ago.

The spousal unit received a very special reward from her employer, ten days and airfare to the owner’s condo, free of charge.  All we had to pay was food, drink and whatever other monkeyshines we wanted to engage in.  So we did exactly that.

Barbados is a small island, 34 km long and 23 km at the widest with about 280,000 people.  The island itself is more or less the same general latitude as Nicaragua but on the Atlantic side, a bit off the north coast of Venezuela.  As a fellow Commonwealth member, we get the EZ Lane when it comes to admittance from Canada.  Is Barbados incredibly beautiful?  Oh yes.  Are the people friendly?  Wonderfully so.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll post some pics and stories from Barbados.

Why am I mentioning a vacation?  This bit of vacation, the relaxation and, yes, the rum, is the reason RoadDave is coming back.  We got to recharge the batteries.




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