What Trump is Really Doing

Coming up on 100 Days of Donny, we’re excited to review what he has said would be a landmark for him in office.

The phrase “Sweet Fuck All” comes immediately to mind.  No legislation passed from either house, just some executive orders, some press conferences and of course, golf at Mar-A-Lago where the Secret Service detail has to pay full pin for accommodation and meals to keep Donny safe.  About 9 trips in 100 days @ $3 million per, not to mention the protection for the missus in NYC plus coverage for his other issue and their spouses while on Trump business.  Oh well.

Actually, what The Republican President has been doing is straight out of the Vladimir Putin Playbook.  You ever notice how every two days or so, some new outrage comes out of either his pie-hole, or the gullet of one of his fart-catchers like Shitstain Spicer, or Kellyanne “My Microwave is Spying on me because of Obama” Conway?  Almost like clockwork, they mouth off.  It isn’t a coincidence.

Every 48 hours the boss has to have some media coverage for an elegant reason:  It keeps the media, real or imagined (Hello, Breitbart!) covering that particular outrage, lie, hallucination or 140 character illiterate toilet-seat Tweet.  By keeping the media chasing and fact-checking all Republican Presidential Utterances, the media is playing Donny’s Game and not spending real reporter time investigating the real issues.  The follow on effect is that with the constant barrage of nonsense from the White House, people are becoming over-saturated and eventually immune to anything coming out of the White House.

In about six months if Donny was taped sodomizing a giraffe at noon on 4th tee at Mar-A-Lago with Mike Pence as lotion-boy, the population would either: A) Not believe it as it is from mainstream media who hate Trump or B) Say it’s just Donny being Donny and he’s going to lie about it anyways and we can’t do a damn thing about it.

What he’s doing is burning up what little credibility the media has left in the eyes of the citizens.  He’s changing who the citizens believe by making the citizens not believe anything any media says about him.  The fallback reaction is going to be it’s all lies, not just a little bit, but all of it, so screw it, who cares?

A compliant citizenry (who don’t believe anything anyone says) is a mass of citizens that you can exploit.  You can make them believe that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength when they’re unable to react by exhausting their will to care.

In an very good article from Vanity Fair this month is on page 96,  (Titled In Trump’s Amerika) author Mike Mariani breaks down exactly how Vladimir Putin and his adviser Vladislav Surkov have, over two decades, destroyed any media credibility that existed in Russia.  At the same time they have exhausted the citizens’ sense of outrage over practically everything, from food, to the lack of jobs, to invading the Crimea to supporting Assad in Syria.  Russian citizens just want to be left alone.  Or, if not left alone, at least comforted by an alternative reality that doesn’t taste too much like utter bullshit.  “We’re at war with Eurasia wasn’t it?  No, it was Eastasia, no Eurasia is our enemy, no Eastasia is our ally”

(The better-read of you will recognize that from Orwell’s 1984)

In fact, Donny is trying that stuff now.  Mexico is the source of all bad hombres, Canada is responsible for our dairy industry going broke because they won’t let us in.  NAFTA is killing American Industry, North Korea is a rogue state and Syria is in league with Russia killing kids with gas, while terrorists walk the street, waiting to kill us all if we don’t convert to Islam and Medicare is a massive fraud, worse than Obamacare that is too hard to fix except for the tax reform and Clean Coal that nobody wants but they can dump their sludge in the river and Mexico will pay for the wall.  We’re Making America Great Again!

By exhausting our ability to discern truth, or at least a few highlights in the neighbourhood of truthiness, The Republican President is making the US Citizen compliant by forcing them to opt out of any media in a state of frustration.  You probably know people who don’t watch the news, or read newspapers, or listen to the radio.  These are also the same people who refuse to vote, the usual reason being “It doesn’t make any difference who I vote for, so screw it”  This what Trump’s Amerika wants.

To quote Mike Mariani from the VF article: “By hijacking headlines and warping the news cycle through sheer gravitational force, Trump is rupturing the journalism landscape one land-mine tweet at a time.  The effect, it would seem, is to undercut any attempt at vigilant analysis or coherent investigation into his administration”

How to fix it?  News directors can dedicate 15 seconds in the news, probably in the first segment to “Today’s Distraction and Lies from The Republican President”  Two or three quotes from Spicer should suffice, keying of a big red X over the most egregious lies and falsehoods, with the closing of “And we dare the White House to prove us wrong”  For the ink-stained wretches, a simple boxed story on the front page, below the fold, same hed, same big X.

Then get on with the real news, weather, sports and lifestyle happy-chat clutter.

Meanwhile, let your meanest investigative reporters loose.  Command them to find anything and everything and pull the story together.  Spend the money, spend the time and do another Washington Post.  Bring that crooked little pissant into the glare of evidence that nobody can ignore, especially the House and the Senate.

You probably have a year to make it happen and bring The Republican President down.

If you don’t, then we’ll be at war with North Korea, Russia, China, Canada, the UK or Eurasia, Eastasia or Oceania.  Fix it.


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