The Art Of The Deal – In Action

Last night the White House and the Congress cut a deal to keep the US government running, extending funding to the end of September.  One would consider that the self-proclaimed king-hell Dealmaker of All Time would have been into the late-night arm-twisting up to his elbows, shirtsleeves rolled up, working the phones, glad-handing, then delivering the beat-downs as needed to advance his agenda and Make America Great Again.

Let’s see how he did.

The Wall:  No funding, ain’t happening

Sanctuary Cities:  No funding cuts

ICE Deportation Force:  No funding, ain’t happening

National Institutes of Health:  An extra $2 billion in funding (Donny said he’d slash their funding, as nobody would be unhappy when he Makes America Great Again)

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA):  An extra $15 million instead of fully defunding it, which is what Donny wanted to do

Environmental Protection Agency:  1% funding cut and no staff cuts.  Donny promised he’d cut one third of the EPA’s budget to get them off the backs of business with pesky things like laws about dumping toxic sludge in rivers

Planned Parenthood:  No funding cuts, even though the right wing-nuts are convinced Planned Parenthood drives around cities in a white van forcing women to have abortions as late as the 8th month

Military:  Gets about half what Donny says they need

Obamacare (ACA) subsides stay in place.  No change.  Donny says health care is ‘hard’ as evidenced by the flame out of Trumpcare in a Congress and Senate that Republicans control.  He can’t even get his own people onside

If you are desperate for sleep, you can read the whole bill here.  Or read the US House of Representatives Committee On Appropriations presser here.  Or, if you want to hit the source article, click here.  Yes, the Washington Post is a real newspaper with presses and all that stuff.  Remember them?  They’re the ones that took Nixon down.

Naturally, this is being Trumpeted (pun intended) as a great victory by a great negotiator, which is patently absurd.  Donny didn’t get jack-squat.

Up here in Canada, we’re so happy to see this level of skill demonstrated by the Republican President and his team of negotiators.  Don’t like NAFTA Donny?  Come on and get you some!

We can sell our softwood lumber to China, Japan and India, who love our wood and pay a top-dollar premium for it.  All your tariff does is make American houses more expensive because American builders love working with our stuff and they get it at a fair price.  Six times the World Trade Organization (WTO) has said there is no grounds for a tariff.  Go head Donny, go to the WTO again, and Canada will be a Seven-Time WTO winner, with a seat in WTO Hall Of Fame.

Funny how the whole Dairy Thing has disappeared once Donny and his cronies realized exactly how they got stomped by a price competition game of their own making, while getting caught in bold-faced lies.

Want to open up the auto industry to ‘fairer’ competition?  Feel free to do that Donny.  Ask your Big Three Boardroom Buddies how much they depend on Canada for parts, subsystems and whole cars on production lines up here and see if they want to cut their Canadian ties.  Feel free to do that and let us know the answer, as we’re busy working.  By the way, the UK is coming calling to Canada for some post-Brexit help, in the trillions of dollars range.  We’re more than willing to help them out at your expense.

That Republican President, the Great Negotiator is more than welcome to start things with us.  He’ll be face down on the bottom bunk in twenty minutes based on the level of skill shown in the Art of the Deal he just cut with the House.


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