Donny and the Putin Playbook

We warned you about this one a few weeks ago in describing exactly how the Republican President is going to keep stirring the pot, in an attempt to keep the media busy and to exhaust the patience of the masses.  Firing FBI Chief Comey, then spreading various tall tales of timelines, recommendations, letters and threats to Comey to not have any tapes is just Donny and his handlers mixing it up, keeping Comey on his back foot.

What they’re doing is trying to distract you so often and from so many directions that you give up.  This is called being a moving target:  There is no time between outrages to actually unpack the stupidity and lies line by line.  Threats everywhere, to staff who leak, to recalcitrant judges, or even his own staff and sure enough, we’re seeing reactions from Trumpoids that it’s just Donny being Donny.

The problem is that when Donny is being Donny, as long as he’s just a four-time bankrupt failed casino owner and reality show star, then it’s all harmless.  The current Donny being Donny is the guy who heads up the United States of America.  Don’t like the press you’re getting, then threaten to shut down press briefings for good.  Yeah that’s just Donny being Donny.  And your First Amendment rights being shaded off.

Now this ADD monkey is going on an international trip, hitting a few joints where his Art Of The Deal act doesn’t cut jack-shit:  Saudi Arabia, Israel, then Rome, Brussels and Sicily for the G7.  He’s in over his head at every single one of those events and knows it.  Much like Nixon who tried to go all statesman-like when things started closing in during Watergate (“Peace with honour in Vietnam”)  Donny is trying to paint the Russian arm up his ass with a sign that says “Statesman”.

We can predict a lot of this trip.  He will follow a lot of the script and since he’s not at home, the tweets will settle down a bit, as the security folks will hopefully keep his phone away from him.  Then he’ll come back to Mar-A-Lago for a week worth of golf and rest as his Press Turd tries to colour Donny as a successful international deal-maker.

Look kids, Saudi Arabia and Israel play the long game when it comes to diplomacy.  So does Russia and China; their event horizons working five, ten to twenty years out. Donny is a blip, a dust speck.  Saudi Arabia and Israel are just colourful photo-ops.  So is the audience with the Pope in Rome, it means nothing.  If anything meaningful is announced (most unlikely), it will be because it was negotiated two or three years ago, under Obama and his State Department, not Donny and the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

It does give Donny something to post in a few months when the media starts to close up the Russian ties to his campaign and finances, you’ll see the photos from this trip come out again.  “You can’t impeach Donny as he’s such an important international statesman and does deals for America that nobody else can do!”  He’ll try for that kind of sympathy, much like Nixon did and when that failed, talked up his phlebitis that could “kill him at any moment”

Sorry Donny, but a photo op with the Pope isn’t an international deal.  The leaders at the G7 will eat him as a canape as Donny’s international economic credentials are about the same as that of my neighbour’s parrot: None and both of them shit on newspapers.

No, this is just a scripted distraction and not even a good one.  What you want to watch is not for the photo-ops, but for the silence in between the pictures.  Keep an eye on Bannon and Pence, as they’re the working the real deals in the background without the distraction of Donny tweeting while he’s taking his morning poop, buffing his Bishop to Fox “News”.

The real media is digging hard into Russia.  If they are wise, they’ll send their juniors and interns to cover Donny’s trip.  Let the senior folks start to tear it up domestically and get that real dirt we know is just a few more sources away.

If Donny does go off script while away, let the pool report it and don’t worry about the nuance of Donny being a dick at the NATO meetings.  NATO doesn’t give a fuck about Donny because they know Donny can’t walk away from NATO without incurring the wrath of his donors at Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics and the rest of the military teat-milkers, hangers-on and ‘security consultants’ in the military-industrial complex that accounts for about 1/3rd of the US economy.  Donny is locked into NATO, no matter what he, or Putin, says.

No, keep the senior media folks digging.  Stop reporting drivel with gravitas and get down to it.  Put Donny back on the defensive and don’t let up an inch.

With luck, Donny will be Donny and he won’t even be a one-term President.


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