So What’s He Done For You Lately?

President Donny is in his One Hundred and some-odd day as Leader of the Free World and it’s time to look back at his accomplishments:

Trump legislation passed:  None.  Yes, he’s signed about 40 bills with HR and SR numbers including HR 375 “An Act to designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at 719 Church Street in Nashville, Tennessee, as the ‘Fred D. Thompson Federal Building and United States Courthouse'”  and his greatest achievement to date, HR 353 “Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017”  Or this model of managing the legislative agenda: H.R.1362 – “An Act to name the Department of Veterans Affairs community-based outpatient clinic in Pago Pago, American Samoa, the Faleomavaega Eni Fa’aua’a Hunkin VA Clinic”  Truly stunning use the of the Office and the Executive powers to guide important legislation to Make America Great Again.

The brightest highlight were these three: S.J.Res. 36 – “Joint Resolution providing for the appointment of Roger W. Ferguson as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution;” S.J.Res. 35 – “Joint Resolution providing for the appointment of Michael Govan as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution;” S.J.Res. 30 – “Joint Resolution providing for the reappointment of Steve Case as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution”

But actual legislation from Donny’s mouth to the House and the Senate?  Jack-Squat.

The Mexico-funded Wall to keep out the bad hombres, rapists and drug dealers?  Not a whisper.  Not even a finger-bang tryin’ to find the hole.  Except the logic bomb that the wall has to be transparent because drug dealers are lobbing 60 pound bags of drugs over the fence and you might get hit in the head, so you have to be able to see through the wall.

Infrastructure restoration?  Never heard of it.

Manufacturing jobs are a juicy one.  That Carrier HVAC plant in Indy where Donny personally saved 700 jobs last year, announced that they’re still relocating the production from Indiana to Mexico, laying off the folks in December 2017, not December 2016 as originally planned.  Donny bought a year.

To be fair, there was a coal mine opened that will employ 70 people in Buttcrack W Va. However, everyone there won’t be covered by any semblance of health care, so one had best not have an accident on the job.

The Big Three car makers, who were supposed to bask in the American Manufacturing Renaissance under Donny?  GM is planning on a 10 week shutdown of most plants, instead of the usual two or three week summer shutdown for retooling.

Making America Great Again?  Not so much.  At the G20 a couple of weeks ago Donny had his kid sit in when the other leaders started to use big words.  At the G7 about a month ago he couldn’t walk two blocks and had to take a golf cart.  At international photo ops, world leaders would rather stand with the sign-language interpreter than be in a photo with Donny.  America has become a laughingstock with about as much diplomatic gravitas as Chad or Sierra Leone.

Unless you count his great international cyber security breakthrough of getting Vladimir Putin to cooperate on some fuzzy concept of cyber-security cooperation between the US and Russia.  Why not use that nifty Russian phone Putin gave you Donny?  It’s shiny and will let you tweet faster.

Even the repeal of Obamacare Mark II hasn’t got the support of enough of his own majority party to get anywhere near his desk and has duly died.  Donny can’t get enough of his own majority to vote for it, leaving Mitch McConnell to stoop and scoop.  This is Mister Art Of The Deal in action.  Or should that be inaction.  President Donny can’t close the deal.

But President Donny (“I’m President and you’re not”) sure can slam Hillary Clinton and the media.  Note to Donny:  Hilary lost, she’s not in office and holds no powers other than that of a regular citizen.  The horse is dead, but you keep flogging it?  Why?  Nobody likes a sore winner.

We’ll tell you why.  You know that hammering Hillary and doing an all caps #FAKENEWS during your morning dump distracts people.  That’s your long game.  More correctly, Steve Bannon’s long game:  Make the media run after air biscuits and brain farts while you go golfing and America rots away.

Even if Robert Mueller were to find a Russian wristwatch up President Donny’s ass and Putin’s pubic hairs between Jared’s teeth, there will always be apologists for this international punch line to a joke.

Except that once this all grinds through the courts and the investigations and the media shitstorm, it will be time for the mid-terms.  In fact, the Republican reptiles are lining up the PACs now for the mid-terms.

The House and Senate will likely flop back to a Democrat and Republican split, paralyzed with inaction and relentless bickering.  The base for Trump, working-class Republicans who bought into Make America Great Again will see it as nothing more than a logo, a red hat with no substance, no help and based on the stinkin rich folks in Cabinet, no hope for them.  They’ll stay home in droves once they see exactly what has been done in their name for them.  The rich got richer and the poor had their belongings sold off at auction to pay for medical coverage or food.

America is eating itself, fighting the Civil War again, except this time it’s not North versus South.  It’s class war.  Rich versus Poor and even more appalling is that the less-than privileged, Trump’s base, are the ones who will suffer the most for it.

Yes, America sure is great again.





26 responses to “So What’s He Done For You Lately?

  1. You should spend more of your time evaluating Justin’s many accomplishments. It is knd of like with our kids, we can criticize them, but don’t take lightly to outsiders criticism. If Cananda is already perfect, please disregard these comments.

    • Tom, I have a deep and abiding respect for America and Americans. My direct family roots go back to at least 1680 and the Massachusetts colony. I have two cousins who are Marines. I used to hold a TN-1 Visa and still have a US SSN, so I do get to criticize. You can’t avoid the fact that your country is now eating itself and those who choose to ignore it are doing nothing to stop it.

      • Eating itself? A bit dramatic I would say, just because Trump doesn’t agree with you 100% of the time. Not all legislation is an “accomplishment”

      • If you were to study history with even a vague diligence, you would see exactly what class war looks like. I will spell it out for you in the next post with examples, if you would like. Not sound bites, tweets and under-medicated ramblings, but factual examples.

      • Don’t need to do it for me. We have Burnie Sanders to do the honors here.

      • Bernie ain’t your problem. Donny is and if Donny had a lick of sense he’d realize he’s the reason America isn’t Great Again. Great comes from within, from vision, honesty, hard work and a desire to make it possible for all Americans to get a piece of the American Dream. President Donny is out for Donny and his banker-buddy lotion boys who don’t work, don’t risk and don’t care about anyone else but themselves. Both your political parties are sadly bereft of any semblance of leadership and vision, except for what they can steal, graft or gerrymander, preferably at the expense of someone else. And if that someone else is brown, black, poor or stupid, then so much the better they’ll feel about it, especially if they can wrap themselves in the red white and blue.

      • Wow. Your biases may be slightly exposed. Don’t worry, Trump isn’t going to invade Canada.

      • Yes, I have biases. I want America to succeed (see previous replies as to why) Now as to fear of the US? Don’t make me laugh, my lips are chapped. You either are not or cannot follow a conversational thread, nor respond with facts or informed opinion. Trying to change the subject with “Trump isn’t going to invade Canada” doesn’t work here. It might work in the US, but we have a higher standard of intellectual discourse and staying on topic, being pertinent and backing up suppositions with either informed opinion, hard facts, or at least a footnote or two is de rigeur.

      • Unemployment down, jobs up, food stamps at 7 year low, lowest Quartile income shows most improvement. The smart people and the media hates him. Fast forward to a Trump landslide in 2020

      • There you go, some facts to back up opinions. That wasn’t so hard was it? Now, let’s unpack your comments: The cuts to SNAP (the foodstamp program) were implemented by Barack Obama, (not Donny the Fucktard) in 2014: An $8.7 Billion dollar cut. By Obama. Combined with various states adding work requirements to SNAP eligibility. Donny had nothing to do with it. And I’m quoting from this article on Breitbart

        Unemployment has been steadily decreasing since 2010. Here’s the chart.

        There was no massive dip after Jan 20th 2017 when the economy magically stated to work after Donny’s Coronation. Donny the Fucktard is riding the unemployment numbers from Barack Obama’s economy taking credit for all the wonderful legislation he’s passed. Oh wait, Donny the Fucktard hasn’t done shit, except name a courthouse after Fred Thompson.

        As for the media and smart people hating that meatsack you call a President? Donny does it to himself. The media simply report it and anyone with a lick of sense sees what a complete moron he is.

      • Sorry you missed the point.. Donny the Fucktard is definitely high level criticism. We used to call it “name calling”.

      • You had a point, poorly made and it was duly refuted with facts.

        If your snowflake sensibilities are offended by “Donny the Fucktard”, we have options:
        Donny “I can’t even run a casino without going bankrupt” President
        Donny the “Grab’em by the pussy” President
        Donny “Secret Service has to stay at Trump Tower in NYC at regular rates” Trump
        Donny “I give to charities, but bill them regular rates for greens fees” Trump
        Donald J. “I’ve spent more time golfing in my first six months than Obama did in Eight years” Trump
        Donny “If she weren’t my daughter, I’d date her” Trump
        Donny “We talked about adoption” Trump
        Donny “I’m not releasing my tax returns” Trump
        Donald “We’re not paying you for the work you did” Trump
        Donny “You’ll love my university” Trump
        Donny “You’ll love my vodka” Trump
        Donny “You’ll love my steaks” Trump
        Donny “We’re creating American jobs, except my daughter’s clothing line” Trump
        Donny the Fucktard is much easier to type.

      • Receiving you insults is not that exciting for me. Perhaps there is a program to overcome Trump obsession.

      • Yes, they are called the Articles of Impeachment, specifically Article II of the US Constitution, Section IV

        Your country is destroying itself and I know America can do better. It deserves better. Your fellow citizens deserve better. You deserve better.

      • OMG Have you checked the composition of the House lately. and the Senate. Besides there is no underlying high crimes and/or misdemeanors. Thanks for all your help in correcting my thinking.

      • It’s a Republican majority. Even Canadians know that. As for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, give it a few more months. The underlying problem is that America is eating itself and Americans aren’t doing anything about it. Walk off the cliff, the rest of the world doesn’t care, but I do.

      • We are blessed to have you and your superior thinking to save us from ourselves.

      • If you think you’re fine, then have at it. The rest of us think your country is a laughingstock, which is a shame. Don’t put your goods out for purchase if you don’t want pointed, factual criticism of how shoddy they’ve become.

      • Of course it is 7.5 billion to one and I am the one Another one of your bact based conclusions I guess.

      • Perhaps you are.

      • As much “fun” as this has been, I am ending secure in the knowledge that you are never wrong and willing to pull no punches to prove it. As The Donald says “Sad” 🙂

      • Have a happy day Tom. If you think like Donny and think I’m “Sad”, then I’ve done my job.

  2. Canada is definitely closer to perfect than America is….

  3. Have I told you lately that I love you?

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