This Week in Unreality TV

Mister Art Of The Deal, President Donny “Fucktard” Trump, managed to do nothing again this week, except outrage the Military, the LGBTQ community, most of the Senate and about two-thirds of the White House.  Not bad for a five-day week, but actual work on Making America Great Again?  Not so much.

The first off the boat were some of the last of the Republican National Committee employees at the White House.  Sean Spicer, ex-RNC fart-catcher jumped when Anthony Scaramucci was appointed Communications Director.  Reince Priebus, WH Chief of Staff jumped yesterday, leaving nobody with actual political experience in the White House, including Donny.  The Republican Party has essentially been shut out of their own ballpark by a Trump-led, Tea-party backed mutiny.  The RNC has a long memory and woe betide those who do not tug the forelock in the direction of the party and the piles of money and expertise they bring to the electoral process.

Citing the expense of transgendered soldiers getting the US Military to pay for their surgeries, Donny the Fucktard decided that trans soldiers will not be allowed to serve in the US Military.  The estimated savings?  About $8 million, or what it costs for a spare set of nose gear on one F-35 fighter, tires and installation not included. $8 mil to the Pentagon is a rounding error.  The Pentagon replied that they’re ‘studying’‘ the recommendations from Donny the Fucktard’s tweet, which is the Pentagon’s way of saying “Eat Shit and Die”.

Aside from Scaramucci’s very revealing interview with the New Yorker in which Scaramucci carved everyone in the White House a spare orifice, we also learned that Tony Mooch’s wife has decided she’d rather watch a propane tanker crash into a Down’s Syndrome Orphanage than put up with Tony’s grasping ambition and filed for divorce. Those in the know agree, yes,  Tony is a douchebag, with all of the political savvy of Sarah Palin on Xanax and the communications skills of a toddler with an intestinal parasite infection.  About right for Donny the Fucktard’s White House.

Then there is the death of the third replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or as they call it Obamacare.  Sen, John McCain got even with Donny by breaking ranks, along with two other Republican Senators, to vote it down.  Not that there was anything to vote down, as there was no real repeal and replace legislation to pass.  All the bill said was “We don’t want anything passed by that Negro President we had, but we haven’t got anything else to fix it with”  One Democrat Senator, Mazie Hirono, being treated for Stage 4 kidney cancer, showed up to vote down the legislation.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska also sided with McCain and was duly rewarded.  We’ll quote here from a Washington Post article

McCain was joined in his ‘no’ vote by Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who earlier in the week had received a call from the Interior secretary warning that the administration would drop its support for expanded energy drilling and road construction in Alaska if she dared to defy the president and Republican leadership on the crucial vote. Murkowski did not take well to being muscled in that ham-handed fashion. As chair of the two relevant committees, she announced that she was indefinitely postponing sessions to consider nominations to Interior’s top positions and to mark up its 2018 appropriations.

The only way someone could be that politically stupid is if they had no political expertise and for that we nominate Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.  An ex-SEAL (kudos for that service) but a SEAL knows enough to not leave fingerprints or traces of their presence on something.  Next time, have an intern do the call to twist some arms.  Rookie mistake there Commander.

Barely seven months into his term and Donny the Fucktard has already gone lame-duck, now changing up the seating arrangements in the hopes that he can actually do something, aside from naming the federal building in Nashville after Fred Thompson.

We await Robert Mueller’s revelations in the next few weeks.  The Unreality TV season is just getting started and we’re getting in a shipment of popcorn so we can  “Watch America Implode!”







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