Well that escalated quickly.  The two people in the world with the worst possible haircuts and hands on their respective nuclear buttons (a small subset, we know) are going toe to toe with threats of violence.  Violence that would, essentially turn the world into an ashtray.

The last time North America was this close to losing it, was around 1947-1963 when the Godless Soviets fired off their own nukes and then had the audacity to launch a satellite into orbit called Sputnik.  Gosh darn it Buford, that could a been a Atomic missile and we’d all be under that there Soviet Commie system!  Stop, drop and roll anyone?  Air Raid sirens on your school?  We do have a Geiger Counter, complete with the Civil Defense logo and yes, it does work.  We might need it if the stupidity continues.

In discussing heinous acts, we went back over history for some of the falsities that have triggered calamitous events in the planet’s history.  A few came to mind that add some perspective to the madness we’re going through now.

The Reichstag Fire February 27th, 1933 was one of the first to float up.  Short form “Communists and Jews” burned the Reichstag and through an amazing coincidence the Reichstagsbrandverordnung was issued the very next day by German President Paul Hindenburg on advice of his Chancellor, Adolph Hitler.  The Reichstag Fire Decree did away with little things like courts, evidence and the German Constitution.  It took one day for the Decree to be law.  We think they had a first draft somewhere before the fire through an amazing coincidence.

Next up was the Gleiwitz Incident on August 31st 1939.  The story was Polish saboteurs attacked a radio station in Germany,  Sender Gleiwitz, broke in to the studios, called the Germans listening a bunch of cocksuckers and then shot up the place.  The German military responded and bodies were presented to the press the next day as the Polish saboteurs who were shot trying to incite an international incident.  All bullshit, from the top to the bottom.  A few days later, somebody invaded Poland, Gleiwitz being at least one of the reasons.

The Gulf of Tonkin and the USS Maddox went down in August 1964.  Lyndon Johnson needed a good reason to step up the war in Viet Nam.  The story went that a couple of North Vietnamese Navy PT Boats fired on the USS Maddox in international waters, twelve miles off the coast of North Viet Nam.  Let’s see.  A 70 foot MTB shooting a .50 cal at a 376 foot armed and armored US Destroyer.  Sounds like an even match.  The Central Intelligence Agency basically made the whole story up.  Johnson went on television that night to decry the attack in International waters and authorized retaliation.  By August 7th the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave LBJ the permission to kick ass and take names without Congressional approval.  He did and it took until 1972 for Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger shut down that slaughter.

The Iraq War (the 2003 Collectors Edition, Director’s Cut) and Weapons Of Mass Destruction.  This one had only smallish falsehoods under Dubya.  For some reason the promised chemical, biological and nuckerler weapons that were just laying in the streets everywhere in Baghdad seemed to have magically disappeared once the ground troops rolled in.

What this tells us is when leaders go off the rails, it takes very little to light off truly appalling events.  If Kim von Haircut decided to let off something even vaguely explosive in the direction of anyone except themselves, the US has the folks and gear to reduce North Korea to an asterix in the World Atlas of 2018.

With that one small, teensy-weesie problemette:  All of us will be affected.  Everyone on this planet.

Tune up your bullshit detector, this is going to go fast.








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