Harvey, one of a long line of Boys

No great surprise that Harvey Weinstein has been dipping his wick.  The movie business/show business/music business has been based on sex since, oh, perhaps the beginning of recorded history?

I need model for cave painting of hunt.  You show me goodies, I paint you on cave wall near Ooog and Ugg.  You want to dance for the Sun God Ra?  Well, I’m the priest in charge of the Sun God pageant this year, so if you…

The list of offenders in the movie business is so long it sounds like a roll call of every senior executive since Edison.  And we are surprised how?

When we worked in the television business years ago, there were a few agents we didn’t like to work with:  They were sleazeballs and if we didn’t have actual, tangible proof they were banging their clients, we felt that weird vibe that meant something wasn’t quite right.

There is no excuse for it.  There is no “oh, she stuffed her boobs in my face, so what is a boy to do?”  What a Boy does is grab some more.

What a Man does is walk away.

A Man doesn’t use his position to get some.

A Man won’t put someone in a position that they feel they have to put out to get a role, a contract, a promotion, or the simple dignity of being treated like a fellow human.

A Man doesn’t do those things.  He doesn’t even consider them.

A Man thinks with his big head, not the small one.

A Man calls out Boys to smarten the fuck up and stop that shit.

We need more Men and fewer Boys.











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