NAFTA Hardline

With Donny John the Fucktard going off about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we’re confronted with president 45 speaking out of his ass from a position of no knowledge, no background and no experience.

Some background.  NAFTA came into force January 1, 1994 to establish a trilateral trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico.  NAFTA essentially eliminated trade barriers between the three countries and established a mechanism for dispute resolution, while recognizing that each were sovereign countries unto themselves.

Canada and the US have had free trade in motor vehicles for decades, initially under the AutoPact that allowed for expedited border crossing, no tariffs and a simple way for car makers to source parts from either side of the border.  All the major manufacturers loved the AutoPact since inception in 1965, as they could manage their supply chains with efficiency and save money.  The AutoPact was essentially superseded by NAFTA in 2001.

Now, with Donny John the Fucktard demanding a renegotiation of NAFTA to protect American Jobs, the bureaucrats have been meeting to work out a deal.  Fair enough, all treaties should be reexamined every once in a while.  NAFTA was written before the Internet became ubiquitous, with the incumbent issues of copyright and intellectual property, as well as global/transnational ownership of companies.

Late last night the American ‘negotiators’ tried to pull a fast one and demanded 10 times the access to the Canadian Dairy Industry asap.  Canada’s position has always been, Dairy, Eggs and Poultry are supply-managed commodities up here and have never been, nor ever will be part of NAFTA.  End of sentence.  Period.

The simple reason?  Our standards are higher.  We don’t allow antibiotics, growth hormones or other pharmaceuticals in our milk, eggs or chickens.  Canadian standards, under the World Trade Organization and supply management are all protections that are completely legal.

If Americans want access to our dairy industry they have to meet our standards, which means no, as in zero, nada, zilch, zip antibiotics.  Canadian standards are the world standard.  Even the EU looks at our standards for dairy longingly and with respect.  As for supply management, American dairies can buy quota just like any other farmer.

What the dairy dump is, is an excuse for Donny John the Fucktard to say “Canada isn’t playing fair, so we’re tearing up NAFTA”  It’s a negotiating ploy, in fact a cheap ass ancient union-management tactic that didn’t work in 1977 and doesn’t work now.  Go ahead, hold your so-called gun to our head.

The Canadian response should be a quiet “We’ve got other folks who want our stuff, so if you want to crush your auto industry and have them, the textile industry and the manufacturing industry laying off Americans, we can always revert to WTO standards.  Which means you’ll be paying more for Canadian goods, services and products than under NAFTA.  Oh and by the way, don’t the door hit your ass on the way out.”

Britain wants our stuff.  The EU wants our stuff.  Japan and the whole Trans-Pacific Partnership want our stuff.  We supply most of the lentils in India, who love our stuff.  China thinks we’re great for food and products.  The World recognizes that our quality is higher than the US and the price is actually better.  As much as we’ll miss you, we’ll be fine.  We don’t have to sell jack-shit to you and that includes oil.

Canada is not someone you want to cross Donny John.  You need us to keep your people employed.  We don’t need you.


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