NAFTA Hardline II

In a presser earlier today the usual suspects at the NAFTA negotiations have moved back the date for their next meeting and have admitted that there will be meetings into Q1 of 2018.  Why?  The simple answer is the US suddenly woke up and realized that they won’t get their way.  Essentially, the US wants to screw Canada and Mexico, making it easy for the US to do whatever the hell they want and for Canada and Mexico to take it like a bitch.

Understandably, the answer from Canada was “Eat Shit and Die”  We are paraphrasing.

Mexico’s response was “Come mierda y muere” which we understand is the essential equivalent.  Again, we are paraphrasing.

What it comes down to is The US is so upside down in their trade deficit with China that they felt they had to do something.  More correctly, Donny-John the Fucktard decided to prove his complete ignorance of international trade agreements and try to go after a couple of countries that he figured would be easy pickings.  Oh, how terribly shortsighted and amazingly stupid that choice was.

Fucktard 45, or more correctly his shine-boy Robert Lighthizer has tried to put everything on the table at the last minute in a feeble attempt to destabilize the whole process, supposedly making Canada and Mexico all jumpy and willing to take anything for a deal.  As we mentioned earlier this is ancient-skule negotiating from 1977, which didn’t work then and certainly doesn’t work now.  However, Lighthizer was required to memorize “The Art of The Deal” as part of his job, so he turned to the appropriate page and set his balls on fire.

Except that Canada knows how that tactic works.  You try to shake it up, then unless you can follow up, nothing happens.  It’s empty rhetoric that accomplishes nothing except making you look like a moron.  Or Fucktard 45’s shine boy.

Since Lighhizer has no bargaining position except “NAFTA Bad” and no constructive suggestions, he’s standing in a field by himself playing with his zipper and re-reading Fucktard 45’s book again.  Nowhere in it does it explain what happens when your limp-dick threats are laughed at.

Which is more or less what Canada and Mexico have done today.  We can walk away, and the US knows they can’t without significant loss of US Jobs on the watch of the US President who was gong to Make America Great Again.  Talk about a firing offense for Lighhizer, who will get canned with the hashtag SAD and FAIL from the tiny orange thumbs of Fucktard 45.

These negotiations are so amateurish on the part of the Americans, that we should have sent the second string and the taxi squad to do NAFTA with the rookies and the wanna-bees.  Our varsity team does things like the original NAFTA in 1994 the TPP, founding the WTO in Uruguay, and our EU deal earlier this year.  Our team does not do Amateur Night in Arlington, MD.  At least we’re not paying for hotel rooms and per diem at a Trump Hotel, so Donny John can line his own pockets.

By the way, Bombardier sent a large greeting card to Boeing today.  Airbus is going to build some of the very good, very desired Bombardier C-Series at the Airbus plant in Alabama.  Being built in ‘Murica, it neatly sidesteps the 300% duty the Commerce Department tried to impose on Bombardier.  Delta gets the fuel efficient, properly-sized aircraft they want, that neither Boeing or Airbus makes.  Bombardier gets to deliver 125 of them to a US carrier and we get to keep high paying jobs for very smart people in Canada.

The greeting card read, and again we’re paraphrasing, Eat Shit and Die.


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