Muller Show Volume 1

So Monday, Special Prosecutor Robert Muller dropped two indictments on the former Campaign chair of Donny John the Fucktard’s campaign, Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates.  The indictments?  Money Laundering, Bullshitting the Feds and General Assholery.  Donny John the Fucktard’s reaction was as expected “Not us, we’re not colluding, nope, must be Hilary, not on our watch”  Which rings about as true as a two dollar bell.

For those of us with a historical background we think back to the Watergate scandal that took two years to shitcan Richard Nixon.  The first smoking gun that showed Nixon and his whole reelection campaign was crooked was a revelation that there was a tape recording system in the White House by Alexander Butterfield, a lowish level aide to Nixon.  The second smoking gun came from John Dean who told the Senate Committee that he had (as Presidential Counsel) lied his ass off under oath to “protect the President”

The parallels to today are striking.  Muller’s investigation has been slow, thorough and is only now starting to bring charges that will stick.  Adviser George Papadopoulos has cut a plea deal of guilty for his role in Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  The first reaction out of the White House was, as expected “He was a volunteer with no real responsibility” per Sarah Huckabee Saunders.  Just like the Watergate break-in was “a third rate burglary attempt” per Ron Zigler, Nixon’s mouthpiece at the time.

The nice part of the initial charges is that Mueller already has turned at least one Trump operative.  Anyone associated with Donny John the Fucktard now must know that anything they say, under oath, will be scrutinized, including Donny John Two who was either in the room when the Russians came a callin’, or was deeply involved in trying to get his mitts on anything the Russians might have offered regarding the Democrats email hacks.

What is happening is exactly what we predicted a few months ago.  News outlets are tracking the money.  Find the money and you find the guilty.

Mueller is also doing exactly what Sen. Sam Ervin did in Watergate:  Let them lie to us, then slam their balls in a drawer with the threat of serious Federal charges for not just fibbing, but straight up Federal Perjury.  Then let them tell the real story, under oath on live TV:  See John Dean and his three days of blowing the lid off the whole Committee to Re-elect the President book of dirty tricks.  America was glued to the hearings on CBS, who gleefully ran them uninterrupted.

Right now, anyone associated with Donny John The Fucktard’s campaign had best be making sure they have the story straight.  Mueller, if he doesn’t already have all the goods, has enough of the goods to catch’em by the cullions.  If not for tax fraud (reminder, that is was took out Al Capone, not racketeering) but for something more unpleasant, which is Federal Perjury.

It took Watergate two years to play out, Nixon wriggling every minute of every day, trying to distract and derail the Senate Committee, reporters, the AG, and eventually as far as the US Supreme Court.  One of my favourite Hunter S. Thompson pieces is a fanciful quote of wanting to see Judge John Sirica signing a No-Knock warrant for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with the admonishment to “Get those goddamn tapes”

We predict we will see Donny John fire his inner circle, blame Steve Bannon, replace most of his media monkeys, then try to use North Korea as an excuse to keep on keepin’ on, just like Nixon tried with Vietnam.  Everyone who testifies will be #SAD and #FAIL, right up to his son-in-law and his own kid.  We also predict Donny John the Fucktard with either have a medical condition (Bone spurs? It worked before…) or do a Nixon and claim phlebitis as a dangerous, possibly fatal, medical reason to go easy on him.

He might even line up Mike Pence to give him a full and complete pardon after the fact, assuming Pence doesn’t go down with Donny John the Fucktard in a shitmist of Guilt By Association.  We can only hope.  At least Donny John doesn’t refer to himself in the third-person as Nixon did, muttering into a tape recorder to preserve every moment of the Nixon Presidency for all time.

Donny John the Fuckard’s inner circle of jerks are about to find out what happens when you are led by an uneducated fascist – pathological liar – serial bankrupt with ADHD.  George Papadopoulos is only the first one to be turned.  Watch the rats getting off the ship with exceptional speed.  Bannon may well have been the first and we wonder if John Kelly is going to be second, not wanting to be a party to the lowlife manipulations of #Lyin45.

If Hunter were alive he’d be calling for a 5 am No-Knock Warrant for 1600 Pensy Ave and the admonition to “Get his goddamn phone!”  That’s probably where the biggest smoking gun resides.

We await the heavenly scene of #Lyin45 getting on a Marine helicopter and going back to Mar-A-Lago.


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